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You've Come to the Right Place for Conference, Event, and Promotional Bags! Arrows

Bag Warehouse and is the premier one-stop source for all your conference bags, promotional bags and event bag needs.

At Bag Warehouse, we are dedicated to being your ultimate conference bag supplier. Our very being is to provide you with the best service, the best conference bags at the guaranteed lowest cost. If you did not buy your conference bags from The Bag Warehouse, you paid too much and probably were not treated as nice.

The company was founded by experts in the conference bags field who, building on their past experience and expertise, servicing conference and event planners decided to focus on promotional bags and conference bags exclusively. The founders decided that conference and

event planners deserved a conference bags company that offers maximum value and a better experience. As such, Bag is a conference bag wholesaler that sells directly to corporate or independent conference or event planners and associations.

Bag Warehouse exclusively services the event and corporate promotional conference bag market.

Our company maintains warehouse and production facilities for conference bags on the East and West coasts, for fast turnaround and logistics savings.

We want to provide all your conference bag needs and preview a variety of styles and colors on our web site, including; conference bags, brief bags tote bags, promotional bags backpacks, sports bags, briefcases meeting bags and more.

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