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Inprinted Tote Bags Dominate the Promotional Marketing World

Try to think of the last time you went to a conference or a tradeshow and a imprinted tote bag wasn’t handed to you at the start to collect all your items. Need further proof? Walk into a grocery store and take a look around you to see how many of the people in that store have their reusable imprinted tote bags. Not only because they are trying to be eco-friendly but in some areas a plastic bag ban makes it essential. Since tote bags have such a formidable presence in our industry we have a large and elaborate selection of tote bags. This type of selection can be overwhelming for the newcomer to tote bags so here are some guidelines on features for tote bags to help you with your search.

Which Tote Bag is For You?

The most cost effective type of tote bag is constructed of a non-woven polypropylene material. This material is essentially stretched plastic however it feels like a cloth material. It is also very lightweight and recyclable. Any of your basic reusable grocery bags are going to be made of this non-woven polypropylene material. We also have more meeting and conference friendly bags made of this material. They are just more on the lightweight thinner material side. If you want a thicker bag we recommend at least 100 GSM or a laminated tote.

Our tote bags made of denier polyester are one of the more familiar types of material for bags. If you’re having trouble remembering what type of material this is, think of how your school backpack felt. The majority of backpacks are constructed with 600 D polyester since this is such a sturdy material. This is the material you are going to see for most of our meeting, business and conference bags. Don’t forget to check the number at the beginning. A 210 denier polyester is thinner and closer to nylon while 600 D polyester is the thicker, sturdier material.

The third most common material for imprinted tote bags would be cotton. There is a large difference between a 7 ounce cotton tote and 16 ounce cotton. The more ounces of cotton you have the thicker your bag is going to be. If you are looking for a thicker tote start with the 12 ounce cotton and go up from there.     

The other type of material that tends to show up again and again while searching through our totes are our eco-friendly material. If you come across a jute tote expect a tote that feels a lot like burlap with natural fibers and slight differences in color between bags. This natural fiber also creates different rules when it comes to getting a tote bag printed on. Our felt totes have more of a smooth feel however they still are texturized. They are a trendy alternative to the traditional meeting tote. Lastly there are our PET recycled bags. These bags have a texture similar to a denier polyester bag however they have the added benefit of being made from recycled water bottles. 

The best thing to do when looking for your perfect imprinted tote bag is to plan ahead! A sample is crucial to making decisions between various bags made of different materials.

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